Door for your
existing bath tub

The perfect bathtub door for those who want to quickly and easily get into their existing bathtub.

1 day installation time

Without dust and dirt

Many colors possible

The perfect bathtub door for those who want to quickly and easily get into their existing bathtub.

Baths with doors - The optimal solution

If you want to safely get back into your existing bathtub within 1 day, our bathtub door “MyTubDoor” is your optimal solution.

The door is retrofitted, dust-free and custom-made into your existing bathtub. Therefore, you do not need a more complex bathroom conversion to a flat or floor-level shower to enter your bathtub.

More safety in 1 day

Thanks to the large door cutout as well as the low installation height, you can easily and comfortably enter your bathtub with door. So you keep your independence in old age and increase your quality of life in the bathroom.

The installation time of your bathtub door is only 1 day. After that, your bathtub with door is convenient and easy to use. You get more safety and comfort in the bathroom. And a full bath is of course still possible.

Wide range of colors

Your new bathtub door is individual, like you – choose from 20 different colors.

The advantages of bathtubs with door:

Our bathtub door can be retrofitted into any standard sheet steel, cast iron or acrylic bathtub. The installation takes place in just one day. Depending on the care level, your care insurance provider can cover up to 90% of the costs.

How it works

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1. Preparation

After the tub and the surrounding area are professionally taped, the measured area is cut out with an angle grinder. During the cutting, the fit of the bathtub door is tested again and again. If it is satisfactory, the next step is to fill the cutout.

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2. Inserting the bathtub door

Once the cutout is perfectly prepared, it is time to insert or glue the door into the bathtub. The fit of the bathtub door is checked and then a silicone joint is applied.

Questions about the door for your existing bathtub?

At bazuba, you have one contact person for all questions regarding bathtub doors. For electrical and installation work, we rely on our long-standing partner companies in the electrical and plumbing trades.

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