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bazuba -
Intelligent bathroom renovation

The bazuba franchise network operates in Germany & Austria.

The headquarters for Austria, bazuba GmbH, is located in 2353 Guntramsdorf near Vienna, Kammeringstraße 6b.

The head office for Germany, under the name bazuba Deutschland GmbH, is located in 59457 Werl, Kämperstraße 59

bazuba GmbH

Kammeringstraße 6b, 2353 Guntramsdorf

Tel: 02236 30 43 97


Managing Director: Constantin Zugmayer-Preleitner

Company Register: FN 177321 t Handelsgericht Wiener Neustadt

UID-Nr.: ATU 46262002


Authority pursuant to the E-Commerce Act: Bezirkshauptmannschaft Wiener Neustadt

Professional group: Commercial service providers

Authorizations: Administration and exploitation of patents, licenses and copyrights Repair and cleaning of sanitary surfaces by means of remailing, i.e. coating with self-hardening 2-component synthetic resin compounds Trade, with the exception of regulated trade Assembling and mounting of movable objects, with the exception of furniture and statically significant constructions, from ready-made parts with the aid of simple screw, clamp, adhesive and plug-in connections.


Professional group: advertising and market communication

Authorization: Advertising agency

Responsible for content: GF Constantin Zugmayer-Preleitner