Environmentally friendly
   and sustainable   

The bazuba methods are not only easy on the client's nerves, fast and cost-effective, but also good for the environment!
bazuba environmentally friendly sustainable bathroom

Our methods are ecological and sustainable

In a study, bazuba's alternative methods were compared with conventional renovation methods such as re-tiling bathroom walls or replacing old bathtubs.

Our environment is close to our hearts

We are constantly working on further developing our materials and processes in order to protect our environment. For example, we now use even more solvent-reduced coating materials, which has certainly enabled us to improve the values of the previous life cycle assessment.

Information about our eco-balance

The study was conducted by Rupert Fellinger and Susanne Püls-Schlesinger on behalf of the Vienna City Council MA 22 Environmental Protection and Miracle Management Consulting GmbH (now bazuba) back in 2001.

bazuba methods

The wide range of bazuba methods and the many different ways to combine them turn an idea into your feel-good bathroom.

bazuba method coating