New attitude to life
  with tub door   

If getting into the bathtub is difficult, but you don't want a costly bathroom conversion, then we have the solution.
bazuba method tub door

The challenge

Mrs. Christa Z. had the problem that getting into the bathtub for her daily shower was becoming more and more difficult. But she didn't want to do without the bathtub either. Above all, she was dreading a bathroom remodelling that would take weeks.

Quick help and more safety

My bathtub door was the perfect solution. The installation in her existing bathtub was done within one day, as always. The bathroom was handed over clean and in the evening Mrs.. Z. was already able to shower again in the evening.

Individual production

My bathtub door is always a custom-made door so that the entry really does fit perfectly into the bathtub. As with all bazuba methods, this one is also customised. You can also choose the colour.

Barrier-free with bazuba

You want to feel comfortable and safe in your bathroom again? No problem! We can renovate your bathroom to be barrier-free.